Alberleen Capital Advisors

Our Mis­sion

Alber­leen Cap­i­tal Advi­sors is the place­ments divi­sion of The Alber­leen Group.  Its mis­sion is to aug­ment the dis­tri­b­u­tion efforts of Alberleen’s bank­ing teams and pro­vide access to sev­eral invest­ment chan­nels.  These chan­nels include: sin­gle and multi-family offices, pri­vate endow­ments, and pro­fes­sional investors such as hedge funds, pri­vate equity, and ven­ture firms.  Alber­leen Cap­i­tal Advi­sors’ clients ben­e­fit from The Alber­leen Group’s exper­tise in sourc­ing, dili­genc­ing, and exe­cut­ing pri­vate direct invest­ments, all gen­er­ated by Alberleen’s invest­ment bank­ing teams.